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timeshare scam fraudulent with out contract
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2/12/2010 1:48 PM (PST)

time share scam if have not signed the contract with the company can you dispute this as fraud with your credit card company?

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2/12/2010 2:51 PM (PST)

Yes you can. I assume they already popped your card with a charge? Submit a formal dispute with the credit card issuer and be sure to label it as an "unauthorized charge". "Billing disputes" generally are supposed to be filed in writing within 60 days after the bill is sent, but there is not supposed to be any time limit for "unauthorized charges". Actually, these can be submitted by phone but it's best to do it in writing.

Cancel the card if you think future charges will occur. If the card issuer doesn't help, file a dispute with the FTC.

Check out the LABBB's Facebook page for info on timeshares:

A lengthy article was posted in our "Notes" on January 28, 2010.

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