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3/30/2011 8:32 AM (PST)

I have posted responses to these reviews before and it was removed. I have also flagged the reviews and no one ever contacted me regarding what happened with these reviewers. To Dave L., I don't know any Beverly Hills Law Group and never had any contact witht hem. Deb P got a refund after we discussed the file. Abdullah Z got a full refund. I have no idea who T.T. is and have tried contacting her through TrustLink, but she never responded. With respect to the claim that anyone was told a loan mod. would be completed in 60 - 90 days, that is a misunderstanding of what the process is. It can take that long to get to an underwriter at the lender/servicer. At that point it takes longer to get the mod. Mods are now taking anywhere from 6 months to a year. Finally, the F rating comes from Consult Law Group because it is not a member of the BBB. Firms that are not members end up with an F rating no matter what.

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3/30/2011 9:05 AM (PST)

Rose Marie H. was responding to complaints against her and Consult Law Group. s

If anyone has an outstanding legal complaint with Rose Marie Hollander or Consult Law Group, they can contact the State Bar and file a Formal Complaint.

If you believe you were cheated out of money, you can make a claim with the CA State Bar Client Security Fund.

I have asked Ms. Hollander to contact the clients who have complained, and flesh out her TrustLink member profile so that her clients can contact her at a working number or email address. That is all I can do as a concerned citizen, as she is regulated by The State Bar of California.

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3/30/2011 9:47 AM (PST)

Per Rose Marie Hollander, the working number to contact her is 888-316-6401

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