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12/15/2010 3:16 PM (PST)

Has anyone ever herd of this company??? They are telling me that if i do not pay charges my son put on my credit card unknowingly, will be prosecuted? Is this business even legitimate????? Spectrum Billing Services Address: P.O. Box 30689 Los Angeles, CA 90030-0689 Tel: (800) 727-6874 Fax: (818) 594-3803

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12/15/2010 3:30 PM (PST)

I did a Google search and found out that Spectrum is mainly for, for lack of a more considerate term, phone sex. Sources I can't find anything solid on if it is a scam or not, Sorry.

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12/16/2010 7:38 AM (PST)


Although this company has yet to receive a review here on TrustLink, the BBB has received numerous (60) complaints over the last three years, for similar instances. You can view the full report at the link above your question.

If you have been contacted by a collection agency for a debt which seems unfamiliar to you, carefully check your records to verify the origin and amount before paying. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumers from unfair collection tacticsincluding, threats, harassment, and collection of fictitious debts. This law also requires debt collectors to supply documentation to substantiate the debt upon request of the debtor. If they are unable to present the requested documentation, you are not required to pay the debt. Phone calls allegedly tracked with ANI's may still not validify the debt as the ANI will identify the receiving phone line, but not the actual caller.

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4/19/2022 1:38 PM (PST)

This isn't quite extortion, but close.. you wanna peruse these sites ( & (

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